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Ready for lighter and brighter hair?!

Click the button to receive your offer for our Partial Highlight package.
(Regularly offered at $160). 

What you'll be getting with this offer:

- Highlights will be placed throughout the top half of the hair. 
- A glossing treatment will add shine to your freshly colored locks.  This will seal down any dryness you had before your color appointment.
- Shampoo, Style & Blowout to send you out the door looking & feeling your best!
How long should this appointment take?
Most clients walk out of the salon with this service in under 2 hours!
If you are making a HUGE color transformation or have a TON of hair -- you obviously are used to sitting in the salon for an extended period of time. (Please do mention when scheduling the amount of hair and any extra length you have). 
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Nice to meet you!

I'm Jacqueline! Lover of healthy hair.

I believe as women we want to be heard, given a few hours of peace and quiet, be remembered, be pampered, and maybe even have fun while we're doing routine things like getting our hair done! And that's what I aim to do --  take a simple experience and make it extraordinary. 

Looking forward to making your hair dreams come true!

Popular questions my clients have about Highlights...

Q: Who is a good candidate for Highlights?
A: Someone who is wanting a natural amount of change to their color. They don't want a ton of maintenance. 
Q: Who should avoid Highlights?
A: If your hair has been processed with multiple different colors, Highlights may not suit your situation.  If you've recently colored with black or red and are interested in going lighter, a traditional highlight won't achieve the look you're going for.  Instead, a corrective color session would be necessary to remove the layers of color on your hair. 
Q: How often do I have to maintain Highlights?
A: Everyone's hair grows at a different speed.  Most clients who get a Highlights come in for maintenance every 2-4 months. If you're naturally dark and add a ton of Highlights, you will have a harsher line that grows out.  
Q: Will Highlights cover gray hair?
A: No, Highlights will add dimension throughout your hair.  If gray hair is part of your color combo, an additional color would be needed at your base.  (This would be at an additional cost, an additional $60+). 
Q:  How do Highlights look when they are growing out?
A: One of my favorite things about dimensional hair color is it grows out so soft and mimics a natural hair color technique.  

 Highlight Offer $95

We have 8 vouchers available at this price. Originally valued at $160 This is a savings of $65! Grab yours before they're all gone. 

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Hair Color That's Good for Your Hair

PPD & Ammonia Free hair color is the only option.  Safe on your hair, the environment, and sensitive skin. 

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