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We're doing something special to celebrate the beginning of Spring! 

Accent Highlights that add the right amount of pop!

  • An accent highlighting service
  • Haircut 
  • Conditioning treatment & style
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What exactly is an "Accent Highlight"?

Ya know those natural highlights we used to have when we were growing up? They never looked stripy or chunky but added to the dimension of our hair.

Accent Highlights are placed along the front of the hairline to add brightness around the face and color dimension when hair is pulled back or worn in a ponytail. 


What type of hair can benefit from an accent highlight?​

Pretty much everyone can benefit from adding in an accent highlight.  It's my go-to color service for clients who have never colored before and don't want a lot of maintenance to keep their color fresh. 


Those of us who don't like to wear a ton of makeup really wow over the results an accent highlight gives.  When a lighter color is placed near the face, we need less concealer on our face, we look more rested and have that vacationed glow


My fine haired ladies are all about highlights!  One of the main perks of highlighting fine textured hair is that it adds a natural amount of volume.  (Something we can't get enough of)! Hair that is lightened appears fuller and can even add on an extra day between rewashing.  

Here's what people say about us

Jacqueline is an amazingly talented stylist. I have latin hair (curly, frizzed texture), that very few stylists know how to manage and style. 
She used great quality products (including a scalp massage with nice essential oils) and knew exactly how to polish it so it will be soft and silky. 
Needless to say, I'm sold, and will be a regular at her place!!
- Celinas
Jacqueline did a fantastic job today making me blonde again. It was my first time going to her & I am very happy with my results and will continue to use her.  Jacqueline is very experienced, knowledgeable, professional & affordable.  Thank you so much Jacqueline!  I love my hair!
- Christy R.
After living in Temecula for five years and trying a bunch of different stylists up here who were not amazing, I despaired of finding anyone in this area who could do my hair. I was considering driving all the way back down to San Diego to get my hair done. I happened on Jacqueline online and tried her out, and I am hooked!! I've been seeing her for awhile now and every time I go in she does my hair exactly the way I explain it to her (and honestly it comes out better than whatever I showed her I wanted), and my hair is the healthiest it has been in years!! She is amazing at what she does and is so fun and friendly and caring. I know every time I see her I am in good hands!!! Come see her you won't be disappointed!!
- Brynne
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Hair Salons are not created Equal

Here's how we do things differently....

Organic Color

The hair color we use is ammonia-free (meaning it won't irritate your scalp & can actually make your hair feel healthier!

We keep things poppin'

Schedule all your appointments online without our online booking software.

Read through tutorials created by your stylist. 

Earn rewards points for FREE stuff at every hair appointment. 

Cruelty-Free Beauty Options

We love easy to use products that don't cost a fortune and their results make us "WOW!" Eleven Australia does just that. 

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