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Brazilian Blowout: Is It Right For Your Hair?

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Brazilian Blowout hit the scene when I became a stylist. The salon I started doing hair at offered this new smoothing treatment that had come straight from Hollywood. The phones rang off the hook with women requesting an appointment for a Brazilian Blowout.

After becoming certified in this smoothing treatment, I'd learned who was the best client for this service and what to expect after it is finished. Whenever I began a new Brazilian Blowout treatment, I'd ask my client, "What made you want to give this a try?"

So often I'd hear, "They're doing it in L.A., so it must be amazing."

True: it is amazing. Also true: it does 17 other things you need to know about.

Here are a half dozen reasons why a Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment changes your hair.

Hair drys & styles in half of the time

Who doesn't love looking like they've spent more time and effort on their hair than they have? #saidnooneever

Since hair is healthier after this treatment, it does not hold onto excess water. Clients blowdry and style their hair with a medium tension and a large paddle brush. The results of the Brazilian Blowout often makes you not even need to pick up a flat iron.

Humidity won't make you poof anymore

Us wavy-haired girls know when there's moisture in the air (be that: rain, the dishwasher, humidity, or being at the beach) or hair poofs in the most unflattering of ways -- especially when we've spent the time to style it smooth and sleek. By wearing the BB on your hair, there is a protective shell of amino acids that seal your hair after styling. So, grab those shades ladies. We're going to be rocking our smooth hair at the beach this summer!

Shine as you've never seen

Healthy hair is shiny hair. What takes the shine and luster from our locks is the stuff we do to it: heat styling, color, the sun, etc.... The BB sets back the clock to a time when we were a bit more gentle on our hair.

Any damage or dryness is sealed down

Damaged hair can look like a road-map. A string of hair not to certain of which direction to go. It's not always the easiest to part ways with hair that has been damaged or looks visibly dry. Certain hair textures still fight dryness and damage. Since the BB rebuilds and re-coats your hair, those once so scary ends look a heck of a lot better.

You use less heat on your hair

Back to the "You spend 1/2 the amount of time styling your hair point"....

This means 1/2 of the damage. We all make promises and hopes to do better when it comes to heat styling. I know every time I visit my salon for a trim up, I swear to myself, "No heat will touch this hair without protection." Then life happens. I air dry and flatiron the next morning. Yes, even as a stylist I'm human to my hair.

During the first few months of wearing a BB, my average client doesn't even use a flat iron on their hair anymore. Do you know those fuzzy baby hairs that you keep flat ironing? Well, those start to grow because they're not being singed with heat. Sometimes we have good intentions without the tools to make things (like smooth hair) possible.

It dries like Hollywood wet hair

K... This one is all mine. If you contact BB and ask them about this feature, they'll be very confused. So let me elaborate. You know in movies when the actress walks in from the rain, dripping wet and still looks gorgeous. Somehow her hair drys looking natural, yet amazing.

When I'd gotten my first BB, I did just this - washed and dried my hair to find out it was pouring outside. If smartphones had been a thing back then, I would have taken a new selfie that day. My hair dried in the loosest beachy of waves (even though I felt like a wet dog).

It doesn't last forever

I can have commitment issues. Even as a stylist I'm skeptical when something hits the beauty market that says it's going to "change my hair game." As a fine-haired sensitive textured hair client, I have to be smart with the choices I make with my hair.

That's why those who are hesitant love learning that this smoothing treatment is so different than other chemical relaxers on the market. The BB fades a bit each time you wash it. While it lasts upwards of 3 months, if that time passes and you decide you miss your poofy hair - it's returned to its original state.

I could talk for days about the amazing results my clients have gotten from the Brazilian Blowout.

They included lots of, "OMG is that my hair."

"I can't stop petting myself."

"I get to take this home?!?"

And of course **tears**


Jacqueline Weesner has been a Brazilian Blowout certified stylist since 2008. Her salon on the Western Slope of Montorse, Colorado services women's hair cuts, hair color, highlights and Balayage hair color.

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