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Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Oh 2020, you've brought us a lot of luxuries. You've made life so easy, yet so confusing.

One of the main disadvantages I've experienced as a hairstylist (since the turn of the modern, online era) has been the client's expectations and the techniques associated with the hair color result.

I've literally had clients sit in my chair ask for a Balayage when they in reality needed a root area retouch and wanted a few foils of a lighter color placed throughout their hair.

We want to be taken seriously as we trust our beauty to professionals. I get that. Even on my own time, I research and get my own "inspiration" when working with my hairstylist or eyebrow professional. The difference is showing what's inside your head vs. asking for the impossible to be done during your hair appointment. An easy way to avoid confusion is to bring in photos of how you'd like your hair color to look. I suggest using sites like Pinterest or Instagram for visual help.

I'm a huge lover of a clean and simple hair consultation. I spend 5-10 minutes coming up with a clear plan before chemicals have been brought back to my station.

One of my favorite ways to begin the hair color consultation is to look through the ideas my client brings in for color. Then, snap a quick picture of what their hair looks like from different angles. I then point out the necessary steps we could take to make their hair appear similar to the inspiration picture.

Trust between a stylist and client is something that is earned over time, but along the way, we can make some great progress with visuals and getting to know your hair goals.


Jacqueline Weesner is a licensed hairstylist in Montrose, Colorado. Her salon uses all-natural, ppd-free hair color that allows for a pleasant environment, as well as a healthy one to breathe in. She has spent the past 15 years perfecting women's hair color, hair cuts, Balayage, highlights, and grey blending options. Contact her to set up a consultation.

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