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The Hair Accessory That is Ripping Your Hair Out

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

One of the most important hair accessories we use during the warmer parts of the year is a ponytail. Over time the design of how our everyday ponytails look and work has changed. We've done away with the rubber bands that have metal closures and opt instead for a solid band of elastic that secures our hair and hopefully doesn't cause damage.

Here's where we can get ourselves in some trouble. Client's often sit in my chair, and I watch how they remove their ponytail from their hair. It's usually removed by pulling it from the hair. Once the client's hair is down, I often notice a patch of short, broken hairs that have been caused by wearing your hair.

In an attempt to avoid damaging my own hair, I've recently swapped out all my ponytails.

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These fold-over elastic ponytails are so much more comfortable on my fine hair, and I feel very little tug when I'm removing them (which means I'm not pulling my hair out with my rubber band!). They're a great buy at $8 for 100.


Jacqueline Weesner is a licensed hairstylist & hair color artist on the Western Slopes of Colorado. Her hair salon uses all natural, PPD-free hair color. She has been offering hair color, Balayage and Brazilian Blowout services for over 15 years.

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