• Jacqueline Weesner

Dry Hair = Not Happy Hair. Here's the Fix!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Our hair tells us when it's not happy. And dry ends are something each one of us struggles with. How do you know your hair is dry? Hair that is dry has lost its shine and overall softness. This can be from lack of moisture in our wash products, or that it's time to part ways with our dry ends. A signal that moisture is off balance is when the hair becomes difficult to manage and detangle. Certain months even bring with it the static feeling in our hair and this is our hair screaming for help and moisture!

Here are the options you have in the salon

Moisture treatments! You know how we are constantly slathering our hands, face, and body in lotions? Our scalp and hair can require the same amount of TLC. And often we wash, condition, and then heat style without treating our hair needs. Repeated shampooing continues to make this situation worse because shampoos strip and cleanse our hair.

In salon, I offer an express moisture treatment that processes at the same time your color does. You're placed under a halo color processor which allows all the hydration to touch every strand of hair.

But it will make my hair flat

Not true! Moisture treatments that are free from wax and plastic will not weigh our hair down. How often should hair treatments be used at home? The benefits of a conditioning treatment will last for a few weeks. Repeating this process every few weeks will help heal the damage and dryness color processing and heat styling takes on our hair.

Jacqueline is a licensed stylist in Montrose, Colorado. Her salon offers women's hair color, balayage, and grey coverage services. Contact her here.

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